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Danielle Thomas is one of the graduate student assistants for the CREATE lab. Danielle graduated from the University of South Florida in 2020 with Bachelor of Art degree in Criminology and Psychology. Danielle is currently a second-year graduate student in the Criminology department. After graduating with her master’s degree, Danielle's goal is to continue her education and pursue a PhD. Danielle plans on becoming a criminology professor, while continuing to volunteer in correctional institutions teaching reentry/life skills programs. Danielle's research interests include prison reform, corrections, prisoner reentry and recidivism, program evaluation, and offender and criminal justice practitioner decision-making.


Jacquelyn Burckley is a PHD student in the Criminology major. Jacquelyn graduates in 2026 and her research Interests include testing control theories of crime, sexual violence and predicting gun violence. After getting her PhD, she plans to work for a research-focused university.



Katie Smith is a Criminology master’s student. She holds a bachelor’s in Communications and Spanish from Henderson State University, and a master’s in Communicology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Her current research interests include crime in the media, moral panic, and prisoner reentry.

Meet our students: Our Team


Lyubena Stoykova is majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Nutrition. Stoykova joined the create lab to gain research experience and expand her research related skills. She plans on attending medical school in hopes of becoming an oncologist.


Emily Ellingham majoring in Biomedical Sciences and expected to graduate in Spring 2022. Ellingham is interested in research that have a direct impact on people such as the research being conducted through the CREATE lab. After graduation she plans to keep working and conducting research through different labs as she applies to medical school.

Meet our students: Our Team


Laura Enciso is majoring in Psychology with a criminology minor. Enciso plans to graduate in the Spring 2023 . She is interested in research related to child development, criminal rehabilitation/reintroduction to society, and victimology. Enciso is part of the Provost Scholars Program and Honors College at USF. She plans on going to graduate school to become a psychologist and work with victims of crime.


 Alexander Yates is majoring in Biomedical science and minoring in nutrition. Yates graduates in spring of 2023. He is interested in research in criminology, sociology, and sports science. He is a recipient of the Gilman Scholar and plans on applying to medical school with intentions on becoming a pediatric physician.



Annalise Giordano is majoring in criminology and minoring in psychology and applied behavior analysis (ABA). Giordano graduates in 2022 and is interested in researching abnormal psychology, criminality, antisocial  behavior, substance use, and violent behavior. Giordano is a Dean’s List recipient and a Women in Leadership & Philanthropy Scholar. She plans on attending an APA accredited clinical psychology PhD program.


Nora Wolfgang is majoring in pre-medical criminology with minors in religious studies and biomedical anthropology. They plan to graduate in spring of 2025. They joined the CREATE lab to gain research experience within their fields of interest. Wolfgang hopes to attend medical school to pursue forensic pathology.



Maria Ramirez is majoring in criminology and minoring in political science. Ramirez is expected to graduate in Spring 2023. She joined the CREATE Lab to gain research experience on prisoner reentry, which is within her fields of interest. After graduation, she plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in criminology.

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Ella a Criminology major and expect to graduate in the Spring of 2024. She joined the CREATE Lab to gain research skills and further my knowledge outside of the classroom. She is interested in both criminology and forensic science, with a plan to pursue a master's degree in Criminology after graduating.

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Ishita is a junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminology with plans to work as a Forensic Psychologist in the future. She will graduate in Fall 2023 and is planning to attend graduate school for forensic psychology. She was a part of a Psychology lab, but wanted to try a Criminology lab as well and CREATE was the best fit and aligned well with her interests. She is excited and happy to be a part of this amazing lab and work together!


Brynn Carlson is majoring in Health Sciences on the Pre-Medical track with concentrations in Social/Behavioral Sciences and Biological Sciences with a minor in Forensic Behavioral Health. Carlson graduates in Spring 2023 and is interested in researching forensic psychiatry, profiling, recidivism, and DNA-based evidence. She joined CREATE lab in Fall 2021 to be involved in Criminology-based research surrounding prisoner reentry. After graduation, Carlson plans to attend medical school to pursue forensic medicine.

Meet our students: Our Team
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