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Santos, M.R., Jaynes, C.M., Thomas*, D. (2023). The Cost of a Criminal Record: Overcoming Barriers to Reentry. Criminology.

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Jaynes, C.M., Moule Jr., R.K., Hubbell*, J.T., M. Renno Santos (2021). Impulsivity or Discounting?: Evaluating the Influence of Individual Differences in Temporal Orientation on Offending. Journal of Qualitative Criminology. 

Jaynes, C.M. (2020). The Relationship Between Job Quality and Crime: Examining Heterogeneity in Treatment and Treatment Effect. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 57(6): 693-740.

Oliphant*, Z., Jaynes, C.M., Moule Jr., R.K. (2020). Social Preferences and Environmental Behavior: A Comparison of Self-reported and Observed Behaviors. Sustainability, 12(15): 1-16.

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